The Most Overrrated (and Underrated) Beef Cuts List


From the Thrillist, their list of the most overrated and underrated beef cuts from the chefs and owners themselves of 14 different establishments around the country. Not surprisingly, it was almost unanimous for tenderloin to be overrated. Comments for reasons the tenderloin was overrated ranged from ‘lack of depth of flavor,’ ‘no fat,’ ‘boring,’ and ‘can be mushy.’

Here are other beef choices that are often overlooked:

Beef Neck

Ok, not my first choice here, but cooking it low and slow will result in a very tender cut. Taste of Divine has a great recipe for Braised Beef Neck Roast if you land yourself some beef neck.

Flat Iron

A very underrated cut, and a quick-cooking full-of-flavor steak. A flat iron steak comes from the chuck primal and has a good portion of marbling throughout.

Tri Tip

If you haven’t cooked this yet, I’m not sure what to say, but you are definitely missing out. It is probably the favorite cut for barbecue for everyone here at the house, and it needs just a simple rub before grilling. It has a unique triangular shape to it, and at least in SoCal, it is one of the most popular cuts found in the meat section during the height of grilling season.


Bavette or flank steak. This cut takes all types of marinades very well. The grain is very apparent, but as long as you cut across the grain, it is a very tender piece of beef.

Hanger Steak

The hanger steak acts like a flank steak, and it comes from the plate primal. The hanger steak actually comes from the diaphragm of the animal, where the skirt steak and hanger steak come from. The hanger steak is more flavorful than the skirt steak, and is typically served rare or medium rare after a period of marinading.

Marrow Bones

Here, where you get the bones makes all the difference in the world. If you are able, choose pasture-raised grass-fed to get the fattiest marrows you can. If you (or your butcher) haven’t taken a band saw to them yet to cut them in half lengthwise, then enjoy sucking and scooping out the marrow from the bones. Serve them roasted with a salad and hearty bread for a simple meal.

Bone-In Kansas City Strip Steak

Related to the T-bone (which has a larger part of the tenderloin attached to it), the Kansas City strip steak comes from the short loin. When aged on the bone it has better flavor than its counterpart, the New York strip steak.

Beef Cheeks 

Beef cheeks are decidedly a tough part of the animal since it is constantly in use (the animal is always chewing), but they cook up amazingly tender when braised.


Also known as the sirloin strip, sirloin top butt cap, or sirloin cap. The culotte steak is flavorful and is cooked the same way a tri tip steak is. Cut across the grain for maximum tenderness.

Renee’s love for tri tip almost surpasses her love for cake. Almost. Really, it’s a tough call here. When she’s not tasting BBQ and dipping in the sauce, Renee can be found at

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