Regional Barbecue Preferences – Infographic

Regional Barbecue Preferences – Infographic
All Q'd Up - Regional Barbecue Preferences and BBQ Regions

All Q’d Up – Regional Barbecue Preferences and BBQ Regions. Source, Kraft Foodservice.

This handy infographic courtesy Kraft Foodservice shows the basic barbecue regions in the U.S., and what they like (sauces and meats).

From this infographic, the popular meats for the main BBQ regions:

  • Pacific Northwest: Salmon
  • California: Beef (tri tip), Seafood
  • Midwest: Steaks, Pork Chops, Ribs
  • Southwest: Ribs, Brisket
  • Northeast: Chicken
  • Southwest: Pork

Sauces and Flavors are regions specific, too:

  • California: Salsa, Sweet and Sour, Fruit Juice, Red Wine and Herb
  • Colorado: Spicy, Peppers
  • New Mexico: New Mexico Chiles, Mexican Oregano, Chile Powder Rubs





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