About Us and BBQ

Welcome to All Q’d Up. Dedicated to the art of barbecue. What is barbecue? Depends on how you look at the definition of it.

Bar·be·cue – BBQ

  • noun –

1. a meal or a gathering where food is cooked outdoors over fire or hot coals (We are having a barbecue.)

2. a grill or portable frame that is used to cook food over an open fire or hot coals (He fired up the barbecue.)

3. the meal or food that has been cooked outdoors over fire or hot coals (She made the best barbecue.)

  • verb –

1.  to cook food, either on a rack or other device, over open flame or hot coals (I barbecued ribs.)

Allqdup.com showcases the main barbecue regions, smoking woods, and recipes – everything you’ll need to make your next serving of barbecue at your next barbecue the best one.



Most food photography by Executive Chef John Shelton. His specialties include his original Smoked Oysters in Cottonseed Oil. You can find him sharing his fishing adventures at Dana Point Fish Company.

Content by Renee Shelton, CEO of Beach Cuisine, Inc. Her love for tri tip almost surpasses her love for cake. Almost. When she’s not tasting BBQ and testing sauces, she can be found at Pastry Sampler.