Michael Symon – BBQ Cleveland Style

Lola Restaurant via Flickr user Ken Lund.

Lola Restaurant via Flickr user Ken Lund.

In an interview in Playboy magazine, Chef Michael Symon of Lola and the Food Network talks of BBQ, Cleveland, and how he is giving Cleveland its own style of BBQ. At his new BBQ spot, Mabel’s, he is envisioning kielbasa and krauts, and great pork racks and bacon smoked over apple wood. But it is the sauce that he feels will take his BBQ to the next level:

Cleveland’s known for its mustard, and I wanted to use that as the base of our sauce. But instead of the classic, Carolina, yellow-mustard BBQ sauce, I’m using Cleveland’s famous brown mustard, Bertman’s. If you go to an Indians game or a Cavs game or a Browns game and you order a hot dog, it always comes with Bertman ballpark mustard.

In his off time, Symon is shooting his new show on the Food Network, Burgers, Brews, and ‘Que, celebrating his ‘favorite food groups.’

Read the full article by Alyson Sheppard at Playboy Nightlife: Michael Symon is Inventing Cleveland-Style BBQ.

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