Beef Cut Name Glossary

Beef Cut Name Glossary


Here is a list of popular retail beef cuts. Read on to learn what primal cut they are associated with, and the  best cooking methods.

Blade Roast – From the chuck section. Contains varying amounts of blade bone/back bone/rib bone with meat.

Blade Steak – Same as Blade Roast, only thinner. Great for marinating.

Bottom Round Roast (Steak) – From the round. Lean, and not as tender as other cuts. Becomes Cube Steak when tenderized, and Breakfast Steak when sliced thin.

Breakfast Steak – See Bottom Round Roast.

Brisket – Less tender; ideal for braising. The attached fat cap aids in keeping meat moist during long cooking times on the BBQ.

Chateaubriand – From the tenderloin. Thick steak cut from the butt (thick) end of tenderloin.

Cube Steak – Bottom round steaks that have been passed through a tenderizing machine.

Coulotte Steak – Irregular cut/size of steak from the small end of top sirloin.

Eye of Round – From the round. Solid muscle; ideal for pan frying, grilling, or braising, depending on thickness. For roasts: moist heat cooking.

Filet Mignon – From the tenderloin. Filet Mignon roasts are the larger, boneless, 2 to 3 pound sized portions, and the steaks generally come from the center sections of the tenderloin beef muscle.

Flank Steak – From the flank. Boneless piece of meat with long, thick fibers. Also known as London Broil. Always cut this piece across the grain.

Flat Iron – From the chuck. Tender steaks. Pan fry, grill, or broil.

Knitted Cube Steak – When multiple pieces of thin, boneless beef are ran through a tenderizer to make a single Cube Steak.

London Broil – See Flank Steak.

New York Steak – From the short loin. Also known as (depending on where the cut is made): T-Bone, Porterhouse. Pan fry, grill, or broil.

Porterhouse Steak – from the short loin. Looks like the T-Bone, only larger. Pan fry, grill, or broil.

Pot Roast – Generic term for a roast requiring a moist heat method.

Rib Eye Steak – From the rib. Boneless steak from the ribs. Heavy steaks of fat. Pan fry, grill, or broil.

Spenser Steak – Also known as Rib Eye. Pan fry, grill, or broil.

Standing Rib Roast – From the rib section. Also known as Prime Rib Roast. Depending on where the rib is located will identify the roast (1st – 5th standing roast; 6th – 7th standing roast, etc.).

T-Bone Steak – From the short loin. Gets its name from the shape of the bone (T-bone). Pan fry, grill, or broil.

Tournedos – Thin cuts of center tenderloin muscle.

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